Polygamy: Don’t play the blame game

I can’t say am against polygamy(as long as am not involved). I believe any mature woman or man can choose which relationship they want to be apart of and no one has the right to remove that from anyone. Just like no one has the right to tell you what to look for in a relationship it can be love ,money, fame name it .But there are several truths our society doesn’t acknowledge about the whole act of polygamy. I know you are muslim and your religion apparently allows you to marry up to four. I know you are an African and the number of women you have feeds your ego. Or let’s say you can financially look after more than one woman.

So today there was this social media drama that was going all around about this relationship where a certain Hakim not real name was having one of those fights with Dorothy not real name . Dorothy is one of the many “wives” of Hakim .Hakim is allegedly accusing her of having various relationships,trapping him into impregnating her , bitwitching him, main cause of his business down fall,being a gold digger , she has failed to let go of her old habits and she is all stuck to the bottle ,above all being the source of all evil in his life .Dorothy on the other hand vows not to leave the “love of her life Hakim”. she clearly states that she will do anything to remain among his many wives and most of all win his love back.

If you can’t handle drama please and please don’t invite it in your life leave it to the drama kings and queens they are always on top of their game.This takes me to my high school motto Thy shall reap what he or she sow’s.If you sow drama don’t expect to reap peace and content. Hakim decided to invite Dorothy to be among his women and expected to tame her.

Why is there no one talking sense into these men. Interestingly most times the first wives are the ideal wives popularly known as the “marriage material” but because the grass often looks greener elsewhere, the search continues. The “marriage material” kind of women have supposedly became boring after marriage and So men look for women who are termed as free spirits that add excitement into their lives but when they take the position of wifey nigga begins to want to tame this woman. You want to remind her who the “god” in the relationship is. You want to remind her that her place is in the kitchen and not in the bars. Brother what exactly do you want? When you had the”marriage material” woman you opted for the free spirit woman as your second wife now that you got her you want to change her.

Love is blind sometimes it’s a blessing and sometimes its a curse it depends on how you relate to that statement .There is a reason Islam encourages us to low our gaze especially when we are look at men or women who aren’t our spouses.” Ba kampala galos” can mean to be better than your wife and thats there ultimate goal but if you fall into their trap please and please don’t blame it on witchcraft blame it on your uncontrolled libido. These kind of women come for your life can’t even say they come for your money that’s underestimating their intentions.They play the game called “loss for all” commonly known as kifiliza.

Islam allows women to marry for several reason a woman can marry a man because of his Deen (religion), appearance and wealth ,Dear men if women marry you because of your wealth it isn’t rewritten anywhere in the Quran that it is evil. When you go for this type of women you know what they are looking for and you provide it to them when all is done please and please don’t let us know that you were paying her rent financing her parties and her social media appearances .

Our muslim brothers one of the biggest reason they give for marrying more than one wife is the fact that they can financially afford looking after them .Your first wife was low maintain ace you imagined all women are the same.Now that karma has caught up with you,Brother you laid your bed lay on it. Most times women who enter into relationships with married men know what they are getting themselves into and as long as whatever got them into that marriage or relationship still exist they will remain present till death does you justice most times men think they can easily get rid of them when they are done but with these type of women the rule changes its done when they say so

Today, Uganda is declining when it comes to its fight against HIV thanks to the marriage network. Society’s approving of your sexual behavior won’t pay for your treatment neither will it reverse your status you can also initiate the HIV testing. Men those family planning adverts don’t come with a disclaimer(for women only) visit your next health center .Get to know your options .If don’t want to have children take it upon yourself guard your sperms banange we are tired of the stories you tell the world that women trapped you into being their sperm donors. Biology is very clear about some of these things. Now this guy was claiming that 6months into the marriage this woman was pregnant but riyale( I wouldn’t carry a child for nine months just to rob you of your wealth that would be a little extreme for me )but take note many women out there are looking for sperm donors so make use of those condoms or take a vasectomy failure to do that save yourself the embarrassment of explaining to the whole world how women have trapped you into becoming a father.

I dont know whats wrong with Africans if your business prospers people don’t tend to credit their spouses but when it falls to prosper they are quick to relate the bad luck to their spouses. You are marrying every after 5 years and you expect your finances to keep growing man that would be black magic .Polygamy is good for your ego but not never ever good for you finances so stop playing damn .If you want to measure a man’s problems count the number of wives he has. And you think stealing your money is the worst thing that can happen to you wait until you father children that aren’t yours. The African culture shan’s the fact that a woman can have a high libido but the truth is that some do especially when their sexual needs aren’t meant they will continue sleeping around as long as the “investor” doesn’t get to know .YOU have four wives and you believe you are going to sexually satisfy them all What a lie?What will happen when you get older

Women rarely marry men thinking they will change but our brothers marry women and believe beyond reasonable doubt that they will shape them into their ideal wife.You want her to leave shisha ,stop drinking ,to stop sleeping around how ? Are you God ?Brother choose your battles wisely..

Most times women who are not married are intimidated by labeling them names like prostitutes. If you are a woman and you are of age , you not married and you haven’t given life to anyone they will label you a “prostitute ” in broad daylight but what do we call these married men who go sleeping around with the label of we are allowed to “marry more than one wife”. The new era of married prostitutes that actually participate in the act for fun but not for financial benefits ,married but keeping their options open.Honey your reward from God will be given to you here on earth. Someday you will finally find what you are looking for but when you do please share some of us love listening to the miracles of karma over coffee

brazas ssimububi

Don’t forget to Pray,live,laugh life is too short till then

Kind regards
Nabatanzi feewaiba



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