Glamour Girl Shina Throws Multimillion Surprise Birthday Party For Boy friend

Glamour girl Shina throws multimillion surprise birthday party for boy friend

We like the way this era is twisting up things in this world of dating and relationships. The ladies are getting off their high horses and making things happen! Budding socialist/new money bags on the block and philanthropist Shina brought nexus club to a standstill last Friday as she threw a lavish birthday party for her fiancée king kC at the Najjera based premises.

The surprise.

After being tipped off that his girlfriend had been spotted somewhere cheating, the infuriated King kc, Did what any normal man in love would do. Not wasting a second, he together with his boys rushed to probably curve in the head of the encroacher. When he arrived, a one pawn helped him to where she had been sighted. On reaching the entrance you would see fury written all over his face.

Faster than the speed of light, he dashed to were his alleged philanderous girlfriend was sighted. And then, BOOM, he was welcomed by a merry crowd all chanting happy birthday. He was completely startled. He couldn’t believe his eyes!  He shielded his eyes with his palms in disbelieve before the birthday queen Sheena cut the haze short and walked him in. from then on, it was merry all the way since the big spender had declared an open bar to whoever  was in attendance at the jammed lounge.

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