Opinion poll: I Have Never Experienced The Big O. Who Is To Blame?

I have never reached the big O. And who is to blame?

This question has been a point of concern from the time of yore. And biting about it almost gravitates to the ‘what came first, the chicken or the egg’ direction. It keeps going round and round in circles. But, sex is about two. Who is to blame? Why do some women reach the Promised Land and others/most die in the desert? We run a little poll and this is what the ladies had to say,

Priscilla: Men of today watch porn. A man gets on to you for the job and wants to treat you like a porn star. It’s annoying and painful. In the end you just want him to come and get the f#%^K off!

Becky: It depends on the guys’ machine. My ex had a bigger weapon and ya. I used to climax. Which is not the case currently why my Y. The bigger the better.

Hope: What is an orgasm?

Sylvia: Dry wallets.

Debby: I think it’s about understanding. Both of you are supposed to agree before going into the act. Otherwise if it’s one sided the other person gets to have fun while the other will never ever get to that climax without getting into the mood first.

Charity: Positions matter.But i think size is the real deal.

Dorothy: Size doesnt matter, its the skill. Some men have small wiwiz but know how to use them.I think its the skill.

Cathy: No idea her, just following.

Diana: When we have enough foreplay, i often get there.But when we don’t it’s just “potea!”

Sue: When he wears a condom, nothing happens.

Clair:30 now, never had one.(Inserts shy monkey emoji)

Why might some women never orgasm?

Attitudes regarding sex, sexuality and gender vary greatly between different cultures and religions. Certain sexual practices, traditions and taboos are passed down through generations, leaving little to the cause of female pleasure or imagination.

For some women, finding and/or enjoying sexual intimacy and sex is difficult, if not impossible. Research suggests that 43% of women report some degree of difficulty and 12% attribute their sexual difficulties to personal distress. Unfortunately, sexual problems worsen with age, peaking in women 45 to 64.  For many of these women the problems of sexual dysfunction are treatable, which is why it is so important for women to share their feelings and concerns with a gynecologist.

Unfortunately, there has been a history of “gender injustice” in the bedroom. Women have long been ignored when it comes to finding solutions to sexual dysfunction. In short, there are twenty-six approved medications for male erectile dysfunction and zero for women. Clearly, little attention has been paid to the sexual concerns of women, other than those concerns that involve procreation.

How many women might never orgasm?

, I’ve met a number of women in their 30s, 40s and 50s who have never even had an orgasm. In fact, 10 to 20% of all women have never experienced one. Says Dr Mulindwa, a senior gynecologist from Mulago hospital.

Issues related to sex are not talked about enough even with a health care provider. Let’s just start by saying, 65 per cent of women are embarrassed to say the word vagina and 45 per cent of women never talk about their vagina with anyone, not even with their doctor. He adds.

There is a great deal of embarrassment and shame when a woman admits she has never experienced an orgasm.

Is the inability to not orgasm normal?

The inability not to have had an orgasm can reflect women’s inability to know they own anatomy and may not be a disorder at all. But every woman in her lifetime deserves/should  get there. Study your body. And thank us later.



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