How To Choose The Best Decorator For Your Event

The choice of decorations you choose for your party or event will exhibit mood in the ambiance of your event. Regardless of celebrating a birthday, Valentine’s Day or anniversary, it is important that your décor visually exhibit the event’s theme to subconsciously uphold the theme of the event to the guests. In the past, despite you having the best refreshments and good welcoming crew, your events may have lacked the sheen due to shortage of the rightful décor to exhibit the rightful mood. Few and very affordable enrichment can give life to your event transforming a meeting into a true celebration.

Themes; many events have a day’s theme they follow like Happy Birthday, Valentine’s Day, introduction or anniversary. Everyone will certainly choose the decorations basing on the theme of the event. But what do you do if your event has no theme?  Then create one for it. An additional color will certainly brighten the venue and cheer up the mood of an event as compared to a plain white linen décor. For events without themes, use brightly colored decorations to create a color theme.

Table Cloths, Napkins and Charger Plates; choose colors of these items that will match with your event. For instance red colored tablecloths with cupid prints or hearts will do miracles in bringing up the romantic mood on Valentine’s Day or an anniversary celebration. So, further effort to correspond the napkins and any other décor accessories will clearly make a statement to your guests on that event.

Banners and Balloons; regardless of the theme of your event, balloons filled with helium or custom designed banners are a wonderful way to brighten up any festive celebration. Large ‘Congratulations’, ‘Happy birthday’ or ‘Bride-to-be’ banners hang on the wall or in empty space are good and ideal for entertain-ably distinguishing a guest. Having a number of balloons freely floating in the venue hall or weighed below as table poppers will spice up the décor style.

Party Favors– it is a wise thing to have party favors for example table cameras, gift bags and disposables. When it comes to children’s parties, favors are mandatory. Well equip yourself with a number of noise makers, mini puzzles, crayons, coloring books, kazoos and pointy hats to keep the little children happy and lively.

Just as it is with all business industries, you will discover that there are a variety of items that the decorator has to make his choice from. Although it is always good to have several options, excessive varieties make the choosing process overwhelming. So the only way you can know a true decorator is by getting to know them.

Spare time off and interview the various event decorators either in person or on phone to get an idea about them. You should get to know the kind of person they are, their professional work ethics, in addition to how they will manage the event you are going to have.

What your principle aim should be is to get someone who is reliable and can get the job well done. Enquire from the decorator the latest events they have managed. This will help you know if they have been operational and know whether they have a reputable name among the various parties they have served. Looking through their recent events will give you an idea of the kind of events they are used to handling.

Then the next question you should be asking is; how many events similar to yours has this person worked on before? Enquire about their particular responsibilities at the event and how the event ended. Detail them on what you require from them so as to ascertain if they will be able to take on the responsibilities and rightfully deliver.

When it gets to the day of the event, you will discover that decorators differ. Some rather to stay at the event after doing their work to see people’s reactions and how the event will generally go while others after offering their services they leave the venue. Enquire to know what each does and then go with what your instincts tell you to do.

To correctly determine a decorator’s reputation, request for references or do simple background checks like looking through their social media platforms, read some of the reviews on these platforms to help you make a more informed decision. Every decorator will definitely praise themselves, but a good recommendation from another person can give you a gist of the decorator.

The final thing to consider before hiring a decorator for your event is know their prices. Some decorators have a general fee while others will charge basing on the size of the event, the services they will be offering, the items they will offer and many other things. Always opt for services that fit within your budget.

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