“They Did It!” Enock And Emily’s Stunning Pre Wedding Shoot.

You know those pictures you look at and go like “awwwwwww.” So adorable. Candy to the eye and a throb to the heart.

Emily and Enoch are the proverbial “meant for each other” kind of couple. From the expressions, relation and coordination that were all in sync! And just before the big “I Do,” they took off sometime for this stunning pre wedding shoot.

As the trend has been set, the pre wedding shoots are not just taken on some random Saturday afternoon. The whole concept is set up and takes days of careful planning and organizing. And in all this, like a thumb, one thing always stands out, the fashion detail.

The two however did not go light on the issue. Here, twinning (wearing matching outfits) is key. An aspect these two plaid out awesomely. From the Grey jumpers with African fabric love patch to the he/she is mine scribbled vests paired with maroon matching pants. How sweet. Did we mention the water shoot? My oh my. It was “breathtaking” with all its synonyms combined. The hype is at the ceiling now, we just can’t wait for the D-day!

Thanks onyx pictures for the tremendous job! And,

Congratulations Team E!!!



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