Cervical Bruise , A Scourge Eating Up Women’s Sex Life.

”It was all good in the beginning and then things just started to change. “

As women, there are things we are better off casting away into the abyss of oblivion than break our marriages/relationships. And the African stereotypes do not make things any better. “If a man wants, he wants.” What you as a lady thinks or feels doesn’t really matter. Sometimes we are just in there for the sake of it. Or what they say being there physically. But emotionally you are on an island seated alone and in pain! Sex becomes a burden to bare. Reason, most women are or have been victims of cervical bruise a typeof sexual injury .

‘Cervical bruise’ is pretty scary term, but there’s one which all sexually active women ought to know about.

Not necessarily because it’s serious and leads to long-term damage (it doesn’t), but because it’s can be a serious setback to a couples sex life. And we all know where that leads if a brother is not errr “getting some”


It’s often caused when a woman is not feeling sufficiently stimulated. When aroused, a woman’s cervix will get larger, softer and about two to three inches higher. If this doesn’t happen during intercourse, then the cervix stays lower and harder which makes it easier to bruise.

It’s more likely to happen during sex if you’re getting close to your period, as your cervix tends to be lower and harder on the days either side of your period.

Penis size is a reason too.


Symptoms include cramps, abnormal bleeding, pain during intercourse and pain in the lower abdomen.

Happily, there are steps you can take to prevent getting a bruised cervix.

According to Ravishly , making time for about 20 to 30 minutes of foreplay can help avoid cervical bruising, “as it gears the body up for arousal.” Reducing the effects to almost zero and is also a magic tool to ballistic coitus. Thank me later.



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