The White and Gold Encounter: Maureen’s Incredible Kukyala Outfit.

We shall say this over and over. And most definitely will never get tired of saying it. Unless you are a celebrity, the sport light will not flash in your direction every day.  So when it is your day, please sister, go all out. Give yourself the treat. Queen, slay or whatever it means to stand out. After all it is your day! Your movie and you are the main actress (You shouldn’t die in it.)

Today, our focus is on Maureen. In her recent kukyala. She totally ‘queened.’  She opted for a white and gold theme of dress. Well, we did not quite understand the outfit but we fell hopelessly in love with it.. It made a cut between a traditional mushanana and a hijab at the same time but with a sprinkle of an Asian sari feel.

The highlight of this ensemble was the patterned lace and pearl embroiled gold wrap with floral lining. The peculiar aspect being that it was detailed at the front and flawlessly plain white at the back. The Art, adorable! Then the neatly wrapped silk Vail, marinated by chic accessories and mild make up. You debut this one Maureen. And we loved.

We look forward to more beauty, congratulations Maurine you are our bride of the day!



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Asaba James and Twinomujuni Deborah via mikolo