Tales Of The Bold Bride: Shamiras Introduces Uthman

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There’s this thing about bold brides that gives us thrills! I in particular, get the chills when I see a “bride extraordinaire.”  Shamira today is on our hot seat. Shamira recently brought the love of her life Uhman home in a beautiful Kwanjula ceremony.

Away from the nuptials, who wears a tiara on a Vail, coupled with a Cinderella dress and long sleeved tights? And for a traditional setting, you must be kidding me! Any random aunt would rant. Many would write her off even at the thought, but from Team mikolo, it is a big Yesssss!

We love bold brides, we love trend setters and most of all, we love creativity! Apart from this ensemble, she wowed us with, her other sets of gomesis which also wrote home serious fashion statements! See for yourself here;



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