Oh Hail Our Valentines Couple, Welcome Vivian and Isaac!

First things first, happy valentine’s day. Here at Mikolo, we take this day seriously.

The journey of solitude finally came to an end for Vivian and Isaac. Isaac flanked by his boys and family stormed his now father-in-law’s court yard to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

After all the guests were settled in, the bubbly emcees rose up to the occasion, breaking ribs with their cocky sense of humor. After a few greeting formalities, Vivian and her girls were paraded. Hence, throwing deafening ululations into the air by the hordes.  The then shy Vivian gained momentum and strutted the walk way like a beauty queen, which she was. After a little back and forth between the masters of ceremonies, the maiden was given away.

Congratulations to the both of you, we loved your day, each and every aspect that was a muse on its own. The décor, the contemporary fusion of the African and Asian dress code (the major highlight of the day. But coming to think about it, the Asian Punjabi and sari are seriously mushrooming at our traditional functions today. Which is raising eyebrows among elders? But those are not our monkeys at the moment. Today is a special day to cherish and celebrate love, new beginnings and toast to happy endings.



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