Service Provider Review: A Home Away From Home—Adonai Guesthouse

Dubbed “a home away from home”, indeed, Adonai Guesthouse is nothing short of a home away from home. And like the Bible says in Matthew 6:31; “come rest awhile”, Adonai Guesthouse is surely the place to go to. The amazing paradise is conveniently located on plot 243, Lubobbo close off Tank Hill Road in the Muyenga, a Kampala suburb.

For the newlyweds looking for a simple honeymoon getaway or even before the official honeymoon, then take our word for it, around Kampala, Adonai Guesthouse is the place to go. And if you’re a tourist in Uganda, then you’re accommodation needs around Kampala just go sorted.

On the other hand, you could be just a couple looking to get locked away for a few days in corner of solitude, then your prayers have been answered. Facebook reviews from some of the guests that have been served by the facility tells you all you need to know about the place…it’s a 5-star experience in a guesthouse.

“I totally love the home away from home atmosphere…i love the fact that I can spend time at Adonai doing my work while sipping on my coffee quietly without the noise associated with bodas and taxis,” recounted Marjorie Sseruwo in one of the reviews while Christine Mable says that; “Every human loves cleanliness. At Adonai it’s a priority. Hospitality is superb, WiFi, delicious Coffee a must. Don’t miss out on them.”

The guesthouse has spacious single superior rooms, doubles and triples equipped with a refrigerator as well as a family wing that accommodates up to a total of seven people if you’re a family person or a group of friends.

Grace Ahabwe, the manager at the facility reveals to us that “the charges range from $35 to $65 per night, depending on your room choice.” “The fee comes with free breakfast and internet among other fringe benefits,” she adds.

The self-contained rooms are also equipped with reading tables where you can sit and surf all day using the available free and incredibly fast WiFi (internet) at the place. Or perhaps read a book because “knowledge is power,” Francis Bacon.

“We also offer outside catering services for events with a number of guests that aren’t more than 100 people, breakfast and lunch for outsiders on a daily basis,” says Grace Ahabwe.

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