To A Happily Ever After: Martin Weds Lucy

They say that when you love each other for too long, you start looking alike. This notion is true for Martin and Lucy. On first sight, they will strike you as siblings. But they are not. They are, indeed, now wife and husband.  Recently wedded.

Their wedding wasn’t normal in any sense. It was an affair punctuated by such beauty. Sure the decor was breathtaking. The cake was a marvel. And the happy crowd a sight to behold.

But it was the couple. The sheer beauty. It was like a Picasso drawing, they looked drawn by the finest artist. It was their infectious smiles. Their youthful darts about the place. How their chemistry warmed everyone around the place. How they made you want to fall in love. How angelic Lucy looked as she strutted the aisle. And how, like the proverbial prince charming, Martin was waiting at the other end of the aisle.

From the church ceremony, reception, the décor, and motorcade. To a happily ever after, congratulations Lucy and Martin.



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Reception: Lake View resort

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Salma Sandra's Nikka via mikolo