Be Bold,Be Confident, Stand Out With Silicone Wedding Rings.

This comes off as a shocker. But they are here. Welcome to the era of seismic changes in this bridal game. Well they might be making an entrance in to Uganda but the silicon rings have been an item since the days of yore. Just that traditions and stereo types kept these babies stashed away in the city of oblivion. But if you are that kind of person that does not likes to keep it safe, owing to the fact that there are many jewel smiths desperate to make a quick buck with anything that glitters. And blatantly convince you that it’s gold. Because you don’t know those things you fall prey. Or you just love color and versatility?  Or, you just want to stand out? (Go bold team.) This is just the kind of ring for you!

What makes silicon rings different?

They are simple yet sleek. These rings have a sleek design that looks like metal-jewelry, and the low profile prevents snag, making it safer and  incredibly comfortable.

They fit your lifestyle. Made from precise stainless steel molds and 100% hypoallergenic silicone rubber, your ring is so comfortable that you can keep it on during gym workouts, weight lifting, basketball, , climbing, diving, water sports, and any activity you take on.

Safe for professional at work – law enforcement, engineers, electricians, mechanics, military, and athletes can prevent finger injuries and degloving with this soft, flexible, non-conductive ring. Safe everyday alternative to metal rings

Thoughtful gift. – Looking for a meaningful gift? This is the ideal ring for the special person you want to keep safe! Perfect for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day!

Silicon rings can also be engraved with your beloved’s name.










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Asaba James and Twinomujuni Deborah via mikolo