What God Has Put Together: Ruth Introduces Henry.

What God has put together let no man put asunder.  I am not sure of the scripture but the line just popped up in my head like those random Google notifications when I saw the pictures and started scribbling this down. This whole union must be divine I say. And you do not need a second opinion to see that these two are deeply head over heels over each other. All the way from the black themed pre-wedding shoot, to the memorable introduction. Ruth and Henry spoke one language. Love.

The introduction ceremony Ruth glistened even the more with her wonderful choice of traditional apparels. First the central gomesis then she later changed into the western  mushanana. But all oozed of luxury and sophistication. Henry on the other side kept itsimple in his soot black coat over a white full size traditional ceremonial dress/Kanzu.

The deco was eclectic. The ability to contemporize traditional and delicate urban deco was incredible. The photography was on point. Generally the whole ensemble was to the nines!

Congratulations to Henry and Ruth. May your marriage last as long as the sun!



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Salma Sandra's Nikka via mikolo