The Journey of Love; Deus And Rachel’s Last Photoshoot As Singles.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched; they are felt by the heart.

If we were to give this shoot a theme, it would definitely be, “Down this road I walk with you” or, “The journey of love.” After she said yes, Deus and Rachael are on their way to the alter. But just before, they stole a moment to capture their last shots as single people. Alone in the wilderness (with of course the photographer) they birthed these alluring pictures!

The duo set aside lovely apparel for their shoot, in the first shoot they kept it all corporate with Rachael in a full length green floral patterned dress with red accessories and Deus in an Aqua blue coat over a white shirt and dark blue trousers. While in the second, they loosened up in t-shirts and denims fused with some converse and Nikes.

We would also like to commend Dynamic photo studio for the ‘state of the art’ photography and directing. High five there. These pictures can only be hated by witches!

Congratulations to Deus and Rachael. See for yourself here;




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