Samuel And Fiona’s, Jaw Dropping Pre Wedding Shoot.

First forward, we are in this business of love celebration. And nothing, like nothing gravitating around this theme breaks the internet without being filtered through this street first. But this, completely skipped us, how did it even happen! We feel awful that the tides swept this to our shore a little late! But ya, better late than never.

First things first the tides that swept these photos to our shore unfortunately did not tag full names onto these beautiful pictures. Though the names full eluded us, we at least got to know the winning pair goes by the names Samuel and Fiona.

Samuel and Fiona, we fell hopelessly in love with this creativity and concept! When these arrived to our desk, we were all taken aback!  Just when we thought we have been there, seen it all then this duo comes in assured us of how we” haven’t seen nothing” and officially unmounts us off our high horse.

My oh my, we are still at the beginning of the year but this is so far one of the best  pre wedding shoots we have encountered so far!  The year might have just started, but if this is what it has to offer, then it should stay!

Congratulations  Samuel and Fiona. May the good Lord bless you dozens of equally brilliant offspring! Much love from team mikolo!




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Salma Sandra's Nikka via mikolo