One On One With Shan, One of Our 2017s Most Beautiful Brides!

At Mikolo we love marriages, we love people in love. We love our couples. But most importantly, we love our Ugandan brides. And yes, we see the brides we ogle at each. Albeit as much as we love all Bagole, there are those that stand out, those that have ‘worka’. And on this particular occasion, this very special bride slayed us lifeless! Shan ensembles were so incredible and we couldn’t help but catch up with her to ‘interrogate’ her on how she managed to spin such charm.

So your special day arrived, what did it feel like getting married?

Trust me I had a mixture of feelings running down my gut, I felt nervous but also very excited! I knew I had made it here and there was no turning back. I was excited to finally be united with someone I had not only known for long but also my best friend.

On the side of the event, I was worked up. For the perfectionist that I am, I was anxious about how things would turn out. I literally spend the night trying to help my decorator with setting up and designing the Gazebo! I also took time with each of my service providers explaining what I wanted in detail and how we were going to achieve it.

You must have been a tough one to work with?

“Oh no,” She chuckles built a relationship with each and every one of them (service providers) we actually became friends. So the ball was in their court. Letting down their friend would be at their own peril.

Burning one, the event was ‘on point,’ from dressing, makeup, décor, and dressing. Tell us, who was responsible for all glam?

“The service provider’s right?”


Décor was by Harena Events Ltd, Photography, and Videography by PhotoArtistik, Cake by Sarah Cakes, Dressing; imported from Dubai. Hair and make-up by Paul Kaweesa Mobile bridals.

But above all, I had support from my family, friends, and fiancée. We prayed and fasted for the event and God did not let us down. The whole day was blessed. Happy people, good weather, and good everything! It was truly memorable!

“Yes it was,” We giggle away. Follow us through memory lane in this awesome pictorial.



Post Vendor Details

Décor: Harena Events Ltd

Cake: Sarah Cakes

Hair and make-up: Paul Kaweesa Mobile bridals.


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