411:What You Didn’t Know And Should know About Bridal Showers.

Hello Monday, the most hated day of the week. But it is here anyways. So we thanks God that we are live  to embrace it. Today we are talking bridal showers. We are going to walk you through the whole thing and try to answer  probable questions that have been recurring  Over time. And if you feel discontent with what we have spanned or still have a burning query to slither across, please feel to shoot away in our comments section.

What is a bridal shower?

In ancient day tradition. The ceremony was a custom were a poor woman’s family might not have money to provide dowry for her or when the father was not in agreement with the union, hence with holding the girl from getting married. So the friends of the girl would gather, collect gifts of which the girl would use to get married to the man of her choice. In the current age however, the tradition seemed to have drifted into who a whole new dimension! Today a bridal shower is a gift giving party held for a bride to be in anticipation of her wedding.

What happens at Bridal showers?

Bridal showers are usually girl themed shindigs. They are hell bent on girl fun. But most importantly bidding the bride-to- be farewell. That time to cry off the times you are going to miss doing the things single girls do. Mourning the fact that she is no longer a call away for the next girls night out.

Usually an aunt or ‘Ssenga’ is brought in to talk and advice the girl about what to expect in the marriage. Useful skills needed as a woman to manage a home, thou most importantly how to make the man happy. (Most dimensions that I prefer not to break into on a Monday really).Oh the ‘Kojjas’ or uncles who speak from the male point of view are also mushrooming.

The flow of this event  is also dictated by ones age, religious conviction, upbringing or level of exposure. Younger and outgoing brides will not mind having a male stripper and mirth explosions. While a Christian bride will be comfortable with a night of prayer shower.  Whatever you feel rocks your brides’ boat.

Who organizes the bridal shower?

The bridal shower is supposed to be a surprise. This is un debatable. The mantle is however cast upon the maid of honor and brides maids.  The brides close friends; sisters can also fill the gap if the maid of honor is not well acquainted or not in position. However small it might be, it’s better than nothing at all. It is a taboo for a bride to organize her own bridal party, so please bride- to- be, if no one has decided to throw you one, just let it slide. Marry your man in peace. Leave vengeance to God.

Who attends bridal showers?

The bridal shower is strictly a girl thing. These days men are dropping in to ‘just to say hi’. But unless he is a service provider, the shower should be strictly female. Girlfriends, sisters, aunts any person in the female specie.

Which gifts are given at bridal showers?

At bridal showers, the basic concept is sending the girl off and preparing her for marriage. So any marriage related gift is welcome. Though it is tradition that was is brought is geared towards the bedroom. So lingerie, Negligees, whips, cuffs, under garments, champagne and all those kinky thing are welcome. Actually the kinkier the better. Keeping in mind that wedding day gifts are not the same as bridal shower gifts.

Where should it be held?

the tradition was the brides mothers home or aunt. But any comfortable relatives home or any swanky location is just fine. As long as its cozy and calm. Owing To the fact that there is going to be a lot and a lot of talking.

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