Angels Led Isaac to Dorcas



Before meeting Dorcas and Isaac, the phrase “a match made in Heaven” was one I loosely threw around. (Forgive me Father!).
However, after hearing this couple’s love story I had to repent because I had finally found what a match made in Heaven looks like.
How would you explain Isaac Dibikirwa, a systems programmer/developer – who was single in December 2015 – prophesying to his workmates that he would get married in 2017, less than two years from his prophecy date and actually getting married in 2017? It’s God right?
How about Dorcas Mirembe, a self-employed baker, in 2016 prophesying to a friend that she would get married in 2017 on December 16th (her birthday) though she was dating someone else?
And yet somehow the stars blended for these two in a beautiful union that climaxed on their wedding day on 16th December 2017.

For Dorcas, 26, it was a fulfillment of God’s plan as she walked down the aisle at St Andrew’s church in Jinja, with her father by her side, to finally become one with Isaac.
“I was so eager to see Isaac. I knew I he was in church waiting for me but I could not wait to see him. When we finally reached I just wanted to cry,” Dorcas says after remembering the mixture of emotions that beset her on her wedding day.
The beaming bride was the pride of her husband who could not take his eyes off her as she said her vows.

“I was watching this beautiful woman vow to spend the rest of her life with me in the presence of friends, family and religious leaders and I just could not believe it,” Isaac says.
Little wonder taking their vows was his favorite moment of their wedding day. The twenty-six-year-old also enjoyed the photoshoot, most particularly posing for a photo in which they were required to kiss.
“Who would not love that?” he jokes.
But for most guests, the highlight was when Dorcas – accompanied by her entourage – did a special dance for Isaac at the reception held at Miracle Centre Oasis church gardens in Jinja.
“I saw a Kenyan wedding video in 2015 where a bride danced for the groom. I thought it was a beautiful and unique thing and decided to also do that,” she explains.
Dorcas danced to Always on My Mind by Da’Ville, Isaac’s favorite song. No wonder midway through the bride’s performance, Isaac rose from his seat to join his wife in a Paka Chini dance.

However, behind the smiles were some disappointments that the couple had met. The decor person was a huge let down and could have easily ruined their special day. The couple had chosen maroon and cream as their theme colors but the decorators used red and white which disturbed the color harmony at the event.
As if that was not enough, she hung faulty lights across the gardens that did not light when night time came. Instead of the red carpet they had paid for, a red nylon cloth was brought and flowers were not put on the tables.
On top of it all, she did not bring a gazebo even though the couple had paid for it and was on top of their list of decor desires. To Dorcas, it looked more like a graduation party. Disappointing, right?

But this was not going to spoil the party for the love birds. They danced and kept their smiles on throughout the ceremony, something that Dorcas advises all brides to do.

“At all weddings there are disappointments and you should always be prepared because sometimes things don’t go the way you want or expect, but you have to look beyond that and be happy,” she advises, adding that “Seeing all my friends and family at the wedding gave me all the joy I needed. Also the fact that I was finally married to the love of my life kept me smiling.”

Dorcas was a sight to behold in a custom made, off-white, long-sleeved A-line gown with a simple flare and short trail and cost her Shs1million.
Her maid of honor, Catherine Kavuma, also wore a pink dress costing Shs200,000 while the maids: Racheal Nyakazigye, Dorothy Nvanungi and Esther Kwagala, wore wine-red dresses that cost Shs150,000 each. All the dresses were custom made by the Ntinda based Muliny designs.
Isaac and his best man, Lastone Gulume Balyaino, also wore custom made wine-red jackets with black trousers. Their outfits cost Shs600,000 each. The three groom’s men were smart in custom-made coffee brown suits costing Shs150,000 each.

Dorcas and Isaac met through a mutual friend while in their senior six vacation in 2010. They dated for one semester in their first year but later ended the relationship.
Although they both met other people after that, the bond between them stayed strong. “It was a nice and comfortable friendship. We could share intimate parts of our lives without fear,” Isaac says.
In January 2016, Isaac who was single at the time decided it was time to get out of the friend zone.
“She was someone I always thought of even when we took long without communicating so I thought to myself, ‘ If I don’t marry this girl, I will miss her’ so I asked her out. Being the prayerful woman that she is, she asked for some time to pray on it. Thankfully the Angels gave her the green light and she agreed,” he narrates.
A couple of dates later, Isaac proposed while at Sipi falls in Kapchorwa where they had gone on a trip with another couple in March.
“He asked me to join him just below a waterfall, water was pouring on us and it was so cold, but he went down on his knees and pulled out the ring. I screamed and almost slipped down the rocks. I was so touched because he fears water. It was a beautiful surprise especially since he had lost his father not so long ago,” she says.

To Dorcas, Isaac is friendly, focused and a good planner which is why she chose to settle with him while Isaac loves Dorcas’ kind heart and attractive mixture of characters. “She can be mature and serious but can also be young and fun. She is an awesome lady,” he says.

First forward to December 15th Dorcas stuck to tradition when introducing Isaac to her family. It was an indoor ceremony with only 35 people in attendance which helped the couple save some money.

Marry your best friend – Dorcas
Get married to someone who makes you look forward to returning home – Isaac
At the end of the day, you need to be in a place where you will not regret -Dorcas
Invest all you can to make the wedding happen but don’t forget that life has to continue after the wedding – Isaac
Make sure that your photography and dressing is on point. Wonderful weddings can be spoiled by poor pictures – Dorcas
Work within your means. Do not go overboard in planning your wedding because it is just for show. People will critic your wedding, but in ten years’ time they will be judging your marriage/relationship and not your wedding – Isaac.



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