Kampala City Comes To A Stand Still As Bob Weds Hannah!

We have been waiting for these photos like forever! After the thrills and internet breaking pictures this duo flaunted on their pre-wedding shoot, we just couldn’t wait for what they had in stock for us. And we are more than glad again, *clears throat*, welcome the newest couple on the block, ladies and gents let’s all receive Bob and Hannah!

For one thing we know about this couple, is that they are the perfect description of show stoppers. On their special day, they brought  the city to a standstill with  their plush motorcade. A thing many Kampala folks couldn’t hide their excitement about as many stole moments to grab a picture or two with these ‘trendsters’. (I just made that up)

Away from the indomitable motorcade, the attires dawned were not the cliches we are accustomed to. It was a pure presentation of sophistication, Royalty and class. We did not quite feel the bridal match of white and cream. But we loved the gown girl! And Bobs black and white tux surely kept the gents talking!

Congratulations Bob for acquiring yourself a seat on the table of men, and Hanna for officially leaving the spinsters list.




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