Photos: Smiles And Lots of Smiles As Shifa Introduces Dasan.

Photo Credit: Hamuza Karizma Kaweesi Photography

Today we are flaunting. We came to flaunt. Because, we have what to flaunt! Duh . For starters, we flaunt love so pure, we flaunt this beautiful pair, Dasan and Shifa who started the journey of two as Shifa introduced her ‘boo’ in a lovely traditional ceremony dubbed the kwanjula.

Flaunting continued, we like to commend the bride for her unique and plush sense of style. From the shimmery outfits to the eclectic accessories. We just can’t stop drooling girl! Then Dasan stuck to the basic with his black coat over the timeless ‘kanzu.’

But for us, the winner was the infectious smiles these two splashed all throughout the occasion. Mehn!!! anyone that gets a glance at these two will definitely want to be like them when they get to that part of their love life, *chuckles* Congratulations dear ones and may God keep these smiles going all through your marriage.

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