The G-Spot Dilema. Does Every Woman Have One?

The G-spot is one of life’s mysteries, much like the egg and hen situation, what came first? Scientists and ‘sexperts’ have been arguing over the G-spot for years but most now agree that for some women it does exist, and it can lead to amazing orgasms.

What is your G-spot?

For those believers out there the G-spot is a super-sensitive area found inside the front wall of the vagina. When it’s stimulated, like the clitoris, it can bring you to orgasm quicker than just penetrative sex.

Does every woman have a G-spot?

Well, the jury’s still out on this one, scientist Solomon Sols says, ‘Yes, the G-spot exists, but every woman is different. For some it’s an off-the-wall experience and others feel nothing. In the same way that some women have especially sensitive nipples and others don’t.’

Why do we have a G-spot?

Some medical evidence suggests that the G-spot has a purpose other than to make you feel really, really good! Sexpert Emily Dubberley, says, ‘Some scientists believe the G-spot can help ease childbirth because when the G-spot is stimulated the pain threshold is decreased by up to 84%.’

So if you’re planning a baby any time soon, it could be worth investigating!

Can the G-spot give you a guaranteed orgasm?

‘There’s no such thing as a guaranteed orgasm,’ says Emily, ‘But knowing whether G-spot stimulation works for you is certainly a good thing – the better you know your body, the higher your chances of having an orgasm.’

Is it true the G-spot can make you ejaculate?

Recent research found that some women can ejaculate through sex, foreplay or by having their G-spot stimulated but it’s different to the way men ejaculate – women do it before they orgasm. But don’t get hung up on whether you are ejaculating or not. Sex and relationship psychologist Dr Petra Selina says, ‘Some men are convinced that if a woman doesn’t ejaculate she hasn’t had a ‘good’ orgasm. But this is often an idea that comes from porn and usually it’s faked or it’s just urine. If you’re being made to feel inferior make it clear to him this isn’t a turn on for you, instead show him what does work.’

How do I find my G-spot?

There’s no harm in having a feel around yourself to see if you can find it.



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