A Toast To New Beginnings: Melvin Proposes To Cynthia.

By Joy Lydia Mercedes.

Photo credit: Onyx Pictures.

If there is anything that never goes out of vogue is that aspect of a man going down on one knee and popping the proverbial ‘Big’question. Centuries and millenniums might pass by but this golden tradition will never crumble. It never withers to the hand of time.

Here at Mikolo, we celebrate unions. We celebrate achievement, we celebrate acts of true love.

On this special day Melvin popped the ‘big’ question. And she said ‘Yes.’ After which they held  a small celebration treat to marinate the moment.

We are happy for you Melvin and Cynthia. We are glad to have started this journey with you. And we look forward to more moments of glee from you two. A toast, to new beginning!



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Salma Sandra's Nikka via mikolo