Beauty Overload: Kossey Nanjego Introduces Martin Ntale.

By Joy Lydia Mercedes.

As a woman, we all get to that point in life when we feel and are considered ripe. And though not spoken, there is that unasked question that lingers about the elders minds. They might not come out blatantly to say it but trust me, they will throw the darts. You might keep dodging them, but then there is that time when you can’t anymore. It becomes a baggage you can’t wait to dispose, a debt you can’t wait to pay. A score you can’t wait to settle. But then, there is the lucky type. Before any jab is thrown a prince charming comes knocking at the door. We present to you our lucky duo today, Martin and Kossey.

To begin with, congratulations to the two. Planning an event is not a walk in the park. Arriving to this day and making it as grand as it was is tough. But then they pulled it off just fine.

The apparels downed can’t go unnoticed, that drooping sequin gomesi was over the hook! The dressings, the decor, the photography all on point! Well done Kossey and martin. We wish you  more merry times ahead. Congratulations.

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