Congratulations Patricia, Our Bride Of The Day!

By Joy Lydia Mercedes.

Photo credit:DS Photography.

2018 Has for sure started off on a high note. The ‘queening’ thing is not being taken lightly. The queen element has drastically shifted from only wedding to traditional functions too! Which we must accept is not an easy one. But trust the 2018 bride, we are now rocking them tiaras on Gomesi! Yasss .And mixing colors. Because 2018 is for the bold and confident. You either queen or go home, Yes you heard me right.

Today we celebrate this queen bride Partricia.

First things first .We loved the gold ,black and cream blend. Very bold. Then the make-up,subtle but lovely.  The hair, neat. The simple jewelry divine.  Girl we can’t stop drooling and rolling eyes hihi.  Congratulations drear. Thanks for dropping  leaves that we shall surely pick. Sister “gend’offumbe mu mirembe.” See more here;




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