The Gatsby Affair: Rita’s Extravagant Birthday Party In Pictures!

By Joy Lydia Mercedes.

Photo credit: Access Films

It is not every day that you see something like this. And it is certainly not an ‘everyone’ experience. Some people (including me) might go a lifetime without having a nudge with such splendor. But well, at least I get to write about it.

Ritah! That was her name. The birthday girl whose birthday shindig is making everyone in Kampala question their life choices. The girl who is making people wonder whether they are dating the right people.

Held at Golden Tulip Hotel, the birthday shindig, themed Gatsby, was an extravagant affair. It looked like there was a dress code, and it wasn’t a color themed one. The guests were told to weave through their closets and yank out the classiest of outfits. And everyone cut the impression. Men showed up in elaborate outfits. Some attempted the famous Congolese Sapeur’s look, a neatly pressed brightly colored suit matched with a wind pipe.

While some, like comedian Idringi Salvador (because it was celebrity-studded like that, with musical artiste Rabadaba, famed bar promoter Gareth Onyango and girlfriend Nikita Bachu et al) attempted simple ensembles, casual clothes covered by a sweater with sweet patterns. And the décor. I almost missed that. The dress code was probably taken seriously so that the people would match the decoration in pictures. The décor was oh-so-heavenly. The people looked like they were plucked out of a beautiful picture in England’s Royal Balls and placed on their tables. Glamorous, see for yourself here;



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