Spirit FM’s DJ Rayne Off the Shelves

The happiness in Christine’s voice while sharing the story defines the true love these two lovebirds have for each other. Christine Nassozi introduced George Okitoi aka DJ Rayne to her parents late last year. Their love story sounds more like a fairytale for these two, neither of them saw the love, the proposal or the marriage coming until it happened; their kind of love is natural.

Christine shares her love story with Mikolo. “I met Rayne Ochi Ochi (as she calls him) at his workplace but I didn’t take it seriously to notice him. We became friends with time and the friendship was the bond we had. He later told me he was interested in me. Uhmmm…. Was he serious! Yes, he was. I was scared but I later proposed we try it out and so we did we did” she says.

To Christine, in the short, while the two had known each other, things were working out well and she had earlier on told him not to propose for it was still early but Rayne thought otherwise.

The Proposal Christine’s Own words

“My proposal came when my heart had given up on proposals because we had talked about it and knew we had to incur a lot of costs for it. Spirit Fm had organized an event called Beat-connect 2017. I was on the organizing team. A one Wesley from the station said we were to be introduced to the people so I kept around. My Rayne was the last to speak from the radio staff members. Part of his speech was my biggest surprise, the proposal. I didn’t see it coming; I froze but said Yes in response” she shares with joy.

Christine said that they later sat and agreed on dates of their introduction. 4th November was her lucky date. It was set and the organization was in progress. The D-day I was overjoyed and happy on my big day. It was all colorful and everything was set as I needed it. However, it rained cats and dogs that day thus having my event at night but this changed nothing because I still felt awesome, blessed and humbled. Only God knows how I felt” her joy in sharing the story.   Décor SMS events decorated Christine’s introduction.

Makeup: Poly Tondo did magic on Christine’s face for her to look this beautiful. Designed by: Christine’s mother was so supportive and wanted her daughter’s Big day to come out unique so she dressed her in this wonderful Gomesi that she rocked that day.

Photography: Christine’s big day was kept in memories by Kelvins Photography



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