Photos-Singer Bebe Cool Celebrates Daughters Birthday In A Special way.

Away from the fact that he is vocally talented, the ‘kankanya’ hit singer Bebe cool is also the father of controversy. Always brewing storms and calming some here and there. But all this put aside, everyone can attest to the fact that Moses Ssali Alias Bebe cool is a good father and loving husband.

When it comes to his family he world trade the world for them.  He  would swim shark harbouring oceans just to protect them. His love towards his family is made known the way he specifically celebrates every miles stone achieved by each member. After causing traffic recently on social media with his wife’s beautiful baby shower shoots. Today he celebrated his daughter Beata Ssali  in a special way. He threw her a simple party but worth a lot of lasting memories.

Thank you Bebe for being such a caring father and spouse. We look forward to capturing your overly due wedding. Sigh.



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Salma Sandra's Nikka via mikolo