A Match Made in Heaven; Myra Introduces Umar.

Photo credit: Hamuza Karizma Kaweesi.

First things first, Congratulations to Myra and Umar. The chemistry seems to have worked out so well that the two conform  to the notion that ‘when two people know/ stay together for a while, they start  resembling.’ At first sight they could pass for siblings! These two are the perfect description of the proverbial match made in heaven. Complimenting each other in every one little aspect.

Secondly ,we were also struck by your apparel. Subtle yet Classy and suave at the same time. For Myra that tiara! We love bold brides. And we love creativity. Many a designer will write you off for that owing to the fact that it was a traditional outfit. But duh, every queen needs  a crown! Traditional ceremony or not, royalty  has no bounds! Though not common yet, one thing we are for certain, the ‘kwanjula’ tiara is a trend that will Rock 2018.



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