Photos: Dorothy Introduces Love Of Her Life To Her Parents.

Photo credit: Genius Media Events

The greatest way an Africa girl can honor her parents is bringing home a worthy suitor.

After days of tedious organizing and planning, the day was finally here, friends and family gathered to witness this auspicious function. The kuhingira ceremony it is dubbed in Western Uganda.

No sooner had the guests settled in than the various protocols started to take root. After the different groups of girls were done with the greetings, a glamorous Dorothy  was paraded. Throwing an ear to ear smile on Francos well chiseled face.

And after a few exchanges she was handed over to her now fiancée. Franco.

On this special occasion, all the girls looked radiant but Dorothy and her matron like thumbs clearly stood out. Dorothy changed into various outfits but all were flawless and laced with glitter. All in all, she looked like royalty! And the smile she dawned the whole while even added more glow to the ensemble. The ceremony was indeed a success! Follow with us in these awesome pictures.




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