7 Ugandan Muslim Brides That Rocked 2017.

Credit: Nakaye Zaina, millenialmuslim.

“When talking about marriage, Allah says your spouses are garments for you. A garment may or may not fit perfectly – but either way, it covers imperfections, protects and beautifies.” Yasmin Mogahed has been a year of finding halal love and putting a ring on it for a number. Many girls have found their princes and have made it to happen by getting married. In Uganda, a girl introducing her love to the family is the best gift she can give to her parents. Here is a compilation of some Muslims brides that rocked 2017 in style while they were making their love halal.


And we created you in pairs”, The CEO of Trendy Halal Services, a one beautiful Minispha Muslimah got valid mid-2017 when she introduced her man (sheikh) to her parents. All looks and glam were by her as she is the goddess of makeup and veil styling in Uganda. The beautiful Muslimah bride was featured on a number of blogs and popular pages like Muslim connect Naija. The ceremony was simple and only limited to family and friends a true definition of halal. She made it more heartwarming by asking for Mahar of Suratul Maryam. Guess we should all pick a leaf from her. Enjoy your marriage Mini.

The beautiful HAJARA CEO Hajara hijab house a known hijabie makeup and veil stylist also got hitched by her better half this year too. She was glammed up by “Nahya glam”.The beautiful melanin goddess does makeup and veil styling of a number of muslim brides but it was her turn to get glamed up for her big day.Isnt she beautiful?

MARIAM HAMID BABIGUMIRA a.k.a cutie also made it valid this late 2017.She rocked veils styled by Trendy Halal Palace by a one beautiful and talented Minispha Muslimah.MashaAllah.The petit gorgeuos bride is now happily married.


“Marrying someone who loves Allah will show you more about your future than anything else you will hear or see”.The brown sugar SUMAYAH UTHUMAN also slayed each outfit including the gold and black traditional wear with all her veils styled by yours truly Alpher makeup and veilstoperfection.MashaAllah.Blessed marriage pretty.


As she always says,she is indeed #teamwalletsize.This muslimah with beautiful eyes JAMIELA together with her prince nailed it in custom made traditional Kiganda wear early this December in a fun filled introduction ceremony. How dazzling these two looked and MASHA Allah.


“The man dreams of a perfect woman and the woman dreams of a perfect man and they don’t know that Allah created them to perfect one another.” The beautiful JALIA also served it in her traditional wear but also keeping it halal classy in her custom veil designs by Oodiez as she introduced her hubby to parents this year.



“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times always with the same person.” despite the distance sharifah waited for her love and finally introduced her Dubai based lover Lubega to her parents mid 2017 in a mega introduction ceremony that was witnessed by many.Congs and happy marriage.



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