Suits Avenue, The One Stop Shopping Center For All Grooms-To-Be

Finding the perfect clothing store for grooms wear online in Uganda can be quite challenging especially if you are the kind that wants to leave home and go somewhere specific for your shopping. But as luck would have it, our search on social media landed us on Suits Avenue, a clothing store for men’s wear located at the heart of Kampala.

Quality and Customer Care are what you think about when you first arrive at Suits Avenue.  My Suits Avenues Journey started like this:  my usual weekend I have to be covering a certain event or events, last Saturday morning led me to Suits Avenue, located at the heart of Kampala at Insurance House, Kampala road/Entebbe rd junction, opposite Barclays bank.

Time check is about 10 am when I walk into the clothing store filled with all sorts of magnificent and sleek suits in different eye catching colours. I’m welcomed by Jessica, a sales lady at the store. After the greeting she offered me a seat where I sat anxiously waiting to experience this unique and vibrant shop. I saw sales ladies helping men choose colours, to sizes, styles that were most beneficial to the customer. This shop really cares about customer service. In my excitement I almost over looked why I was here!  The shop is well-maintained and merchandised, I learned that they import suits from Italy and Turkey, and other European countries.

After a few minutes I was escorted around by a sales lady, she began by showing me the wedding attire.  Suit Avenue carries tuxedos in plain white, black & white, white & blue, maroon, plain black all the colours you would ever need. The varieties of styles includes; single button, two button, one cut, two cut, slim fit, and even big sizes.  After the wedding attire she began to show me the corporate wear; which include one cut, two cut, one button, two button, double-breasted.  The Corporate Collection comes in a variety of fabrics; solid, checks and stripes. She went on to explain that there are several different fittings; slim fit, perfect fit, classic fit, regular fit and big sizes too . Why would you need to shop anywhere but Suits Avenue.  The tour continues, the sales lady showed me gentle trousers and official shirts, which many men wear that to work. They have a casual section which includes khakis, jeans, blazers (which can be used for kwanjula, when you choose a smart casual look) and casual shirts.

I learned that they don’t deal in a particular brand of suits, instead import clothes from different countries in order to have the latest trends and meet the requirements of their clients.  In this shop you will find suits range from UGX. 300,000 to 1.6million depending on the design and fabric (material) while shirts go for 100,000 up to 250,000.

Suits Avenue, is all about Customer Care, Quality and Affordability. They sometimes get a groom-to-be walking in here with UGX. 500,000 and  they want to leave completely dressed in a manner that befits a groom. Suits Avenue doesn’t chase away such clients, they just lay out for them different options that will satisfy their needs, and remain within the budget.

A groom and his team dressed by Suits Avenue

Speaking about grooms, tell us what suits and colours have been trendy this year?

Two button suits have really been trendy for 2017. As for the colours, blue has been on. Blue has become blue. Blue everywhere, blue!!! Blue!!! Whoever comes here asks for blue and at a certain point, one of my clothing stores somewhere at Mabirizi Plaza was referred to as “the blue shop”. You see, we don’t fix something that isn’t been broken. I was bringing blue and they were taking it.  And then white. This year we have had to bring in white more than ever.

What is the difference between a bridal suit and a normal suit?

Bridal suits are often in bright and shiny colours as compared to normal suits. However, some suits cut across and can be used for both bridal purposes as well as office wear. Some of these have flexible designs especially with their lapels which after your wedding or any special occasion can be changed to become a normal suit.

What happens if someone comes in and you don’t have a particular suit that they want? Can someone pre-order for a suit?

Most times people come with photos of particular suits that they and if we don’t have it in stock, I inquire with our suppliers if they can get it for us. But before I make that, one has to pay a commitment fee so that we don’t bring it and yet they have found options elsewhere.

People always pre-order for their suits and we bring them as long as we are clear on the commitment fees. It normally takes just a week or so to have such special orders brought in.

At Suits Avenue, you will find all types of suits for all ages starting from two years, sixteen years and above in all sizes and heights. Perfectly fitting suits and regular fits for those that may find tights (fitting suits) uncomfortable.

For grooms, you will get special outfits for you kasiki (wedding eve), a wedding suit, changing clothes especially designer gentle shirts and blazers as well as honeymoon clothes. Suits for groomsmen and page boys. It’s a one stop center for all classic men’s wear and accessories.

As we concluded the tour around the store, she also showed me more office wear as well as a casual section that is fully stocked with khakis, jeans, shirts and blazers (some of which can be used for kwanjula, when you choose a smart casual look).

Suits Avenue is indeed the place to go when you’re for the perfect men’s wear. Besides their unusual and unique customer care, they’re willing to go the extra mile to find the suit that really meets the customer’s needs. Mikolo recommends Suits Avenue as your one-stop-shop for men’s wedding, business and casual wear.



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