8 Myths That Can Destroy Your Marriage, Things That You Don’t Know Are Wrong About Marriage

A healthy marriage means two people committed to making the best of their relationship. This means couples would have to make, break, stick or totally discard certain marriage rules. Here are some relationship myths that can destroy your marriage if you stick to them religiously.

  1. Love will solve all your problems. Truth be told, love never heals all. As essential as love is in a relationship, it is a fraction and not the whole solution to a successful marriage.
  2. A marriage will crash after an affair. That’s not exactly true. Couples have forgiven each other after one partner strayed. Forgiveness is part of making a marriage successful.
  3. Never go to bed angry. This could help in some situations. But when a big problem arises between you and your partner, sometimes you need a clear head in order to avoid making irrational decisions. This involves going to bed angry if you feel you must.
  4. Marriage makes your relationship fail-proof. Never think marriage is the ultimate and your relationship with your spouse can’t be tampered with. In fact, that’s when the real work begins.
  5. People change when they get married. Marriage never changes a person’s character. Rather, it shows more after the exchange of vows. A spouse can change as a result of a personal decision not because they are married.
  6. Your partner should constantly know how you feel. Well, the mind reading ability has not been given to humans. Stop thinking your spouse can read your mind.
  7. Marrying because you’ve been together for a long time. That’s a recipe for disaster. Many couples tend to think that because they’ve put a couple of years down the line, the next is to walk down the aisle. Feelings change, people change.
  8. Roles of sexes must apply in marriage. More women are turning out to be breadwinners for their families while some men are better at tending to kids or better cooks than their wives. Sticking to the same old rule of ‘women are meant for domestic work’ and ‘men hustling to keep their family together’ could make a marriage head for disaster.



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