7 Things Your Wedding Photographer Should Know

One of the most important investments you’ll make when planning your wedding is hiring a professional photographer. Brides and grooms across the world will tell you that hiring a professional to capture the wedding in all its glory is one of the best decisions they made. Not only do professional photographers know how and what to photograph, but they’re able to capture your love story in such a way that will have you teary-eyed every time you open your wedding album.

That’s not to say that friends and family can’t snap a few photos, but leaving the bulk of the job to your brother Maurice or Joel, your old college roommate who has little photography experience, probably won’t produce the best results.

If you’re thinking of hiring a professional wedding photographer or have already booked someone, there are a few things he or she will need to know. Some of these things don’t have to be communicated, but they will make things much easier on the photographer, which in turn will make things easier on you. And the easier and more smoothly things go, the better results you’ll get! So here’s what you should let your photographer know:

1. Names and Numbers of Other Vendors

Most photographers won’t ask you for this information, as they can get by without it, but it’s one of those things they appreciate having and can definitely use. Having your vendors collaborate and work as a team makes wedding planning so much easier. Plus, if your photographer has your wedding planner’s number, he can call the planner directly with any questions he might have. Or he can contact your DJ to get an idea of when people will be on the dance floor so that she can capture all the action. Again, it’s not information the photographer absolutely needs, but it is useful information worth passing on.

2. An Anticipated Timeline

Give your photographer an idea of when certain activities will happen and what kind of shots you’d like during those activities. Do you want “getting ready” photos? How about a photo of the groom getting a first look before the ceremony? Knowing the timeline and your expectations will help the photographer plan his day and use the time wisely.

3. Wedding Details

It’s all about the details. Sure, the ceremony, cake cutting, and first dance are not-to-be-missed moments, but the little details like your décor, the wedding dress and accessories are just as special. Let your photographer know about these loving details, including anything you DIY-ed. You put a lot of hard work into those hanging paper flowers; don’t let them go unnoticed!

4. What You Don’t Want

Just as you should let the photographer know what kind of photos you want, you should also let him know what you don’t want. Would you rather not have photos of you and your bridesmaids getting ready or lots of posed group shots? Just let your photographer know so he can cross those items off his wedding shoot checklist.

5. Special Considerations

Special considerations can include things like a family member who is in a wheelchair, a divorced couple, or a friend with an allergy. Knowing this information can help a photographer decide when, where, and how to compose certain photos. The less drama and awkward moments, the better!

7. Chow Time 

This is perhaps one of the most important bits of information photographers can have. They’re only human, after all! It’s a common misconception that photographers should eat after the event, so as not to miss anything. Actually, the best time for a wedding photographer to get some grub is when everyone else does. This is best for two reasons: 1) everyone will either be waiting for food or eating (which does not make for stunning photos) and 2) your photographer won’t get a case of the crankies due to starvation. If there’s absolutely no way the photographer can eat during the dinner hour, please let him or her know so he or she can make plans.

If you think of any other important information, write it down and let your photographer know. Those with experience are quite intuitive and know how to get the job done, so if you forget a few things, don’t worry. But just keep in mind that the more information your photographer, or any wedding vendor has, the better.



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