Photos: Behind Every Gorgeous Bridesmaid Is A Preening Bride

Cover photo: Shellar and her gorgeous bridesmaids

I love brides who are not intimidated by their bridesmaids and know that behind every gorgeous bridesmaid is a preening bride who knows she did a good job with her friends.

When it comes to the wedding planning and getting the right style for your bridesmaids, that is when you will know a bride who loves her girls or not.

Every good bride knows that her girls are part of her outfit for her big day and if they don’t look on-point, then it does spoil her pictures. Of what use is a gorgeous looking bride when her girls look shabby around her.

Always ensure that whatever you decide upon, regarding outfits for your girls, let it be things that are affordable and quality. If possible, let the styles be outfits that they can repeat, so it isn’t a waste of resources.


Faith and her bridesmaids

Anna and her cute bridesmaids

Doreen and her maids

Julie and her team

Babirye and her girls

Maria and her maids

Shantala's bridesmaids

Cream Treasure and her team




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