I Still Do! The Complete Guide To Renewing Your Wedding Vows

Cover Photo: President Museveni & First lady Janet renew vows after 40 years in marriage

It’s been years ago since you got married to your better half. Whether, it was at a big or small ceremony that’s a story for another day. Your marriage has been solid but you have never really celebrated it. Or maybe it has been through some rough patches and you would like to say, that after all you have been through…you still do! Or it has been many years since you said I do (10, 15 or 20 years) and you want to let everyone know, that you would do it all over again. So you want to do it all over again. Here is the complete guide to planning your wedding vow renewal

The vows:

This is really the essence of the ceremony. When it comes to the vows you can use the same ones you made when you got married or you can write new ones. If you choose to write new vows, take time to think through what you want to say. Think through the years you have been together and the defining moments you have had. Where you have been and the future you look forward to. Make every word heartfelt.

The venue:

If you originally went to church to formalize your marriage then consider bringing he church home if you have a well established home. And if you had a big wedding when you got married, you might be keen on an intimate vow renewal ceremony. Perhaps even a destination wedding. The venue you choose could be a beach, a hotel, a wedding venue or even your own house.

The guests:

Unlike a wedding, where most of your friends and relatives are expecting an invite, with a vow renewal not many people (other than your nearest and dearest) would take offence at being left out of the party. So you can feel free to have as large or as small a gathering as you wish.

They renewed their vows at Nshwere Church

The rings:

Have your wedding rings engraved with romantic messages to mark the beginning of this new era of your marriage. Or you could get new rings and exchange them as you make your vows.

The officiant:

A vow renewal is not a legal ceremony so it can be officiated by pretty much anyone. A great idea would be to have someone who understands your journey as a couple officiate your vow renewal; like your priest or pastor depending on your religious beliefs.

The invitations: 

You don’t have to include the names of the parents in the invitations like you do for a wedding so for this occasion you can have it read that you as a couple are inviting the guests. Feel free to include favourite verses or phrases.

The second honeymoon:

While you are still glowing in the aftermath of reaffirming your vows, why don’t you go on a romantic getaway? Sort of like a second honeymoon. Spend some quality time together celebrating your reignited love.



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