Must See! Top Kampala Bridal Shop Parades New Beautiful Gomesi Collection!

The gomesi (bodingi in typical Luganda) has for long been an attire that symbolizes class, sophistication and culture in Uganda. The gomesi originated from central Uganda but has now grown to become a cultural garb for all Uganda.

The beauty of this dress is that it is dynamic. It can be worn to an official office party,  a traditional ceremony, church and even children’s visitation at school. It’s actually the ultimate definition of decent in Uganda. And also, the timeless element. It can be worn by you and your daughter’s daughter! It never runs out of trend. Absolute awesomeness!

The busuti comes in different material. Silk, polyester, nylon and most recently velvet. The beauty of a gomesi can he accentuated by adding details like sequins, beads, pearls and shiny stones. Depending on the purpose you want it for. Or you can also opt for a brightly colored fabric and use it to make your own gomesi. Whatever rocks your boat.

Today we present to you this lovely collection from. Marias bridal. For more details on how to hire these lovely pieces check our list of vendors.

Model : Sharita mazzi mawanvu.



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