How To Be The Best, Best Man Ever!

• The groom will essentially select the outfits that you and the rest of the groomsmen will wear. But you can help him brainstorm on suits, ties, shoes and general style of the men. And once that is decided upon, your role now becomes to follow up with the groomsmen to ensure that they all get fitted and have their outfits ready in good time.

• The groom already has enough things in his hands and on his mind on the morning of the wedding. Left to his own devices, he could forget the rings or lose them altogether. So you as the best man should hang on to the rings up until the vows are exchanged.

• As the best man you might be required to pick up the bride on the morning of the wedding; find out in advance whether the couple would like you to do so. You would also be responsible for ensuring that things move along swiftly and efficiently at the bride’s home so the wedding begins on schedule.

• You and the maid-of-honour will be required to sign the marriage license as witnesses.

• You might also be required to give a toast at the wedding. Take time to think through it. You could even write down some pointers so you deliver a flawless speech. Include a few jokes, memories and well-wishes for the newlyweds. Leave out memories of your wild college parties or mentions of the groom’s previous relationships. Those are for the bachelor party.

• Unlike the maid-of-honor, you do not have to engage in endless talk of flowers and cake flavours but you could be a sounding board for the groom on some wedding planning details. He might need your opinion on the choice of venue or DJ. Every so often, ask him how the wedding plans are going. You are not trying to be an ordinary best man. You are aiming to be the best, best man!

• Speaking of the bachelor party, that is another one of your to-dos. As the best man, you are expected to plan an epic party in honour of the groom. Feel free to loop in the rest of the groomsmen and you could also ask them to contribute to the costs.

• Another task you should handle as the best man is ensuring that the wedding gifts are delivered to the newlywed’s home safely. Check with them prior to the wedding day what exactly the plans are as far transport and delivery of gifts is concerned. Get all the necessary contacts before the wedding day and ensure everything is in order before you head for the evening party.

• Drive the couple to their wedding night hotel or airport. If you are the designated driver, then remember to stay off the drinks.



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