Why Ugandans Are Flocking Nanjing Hotel Lugogo.

Before we go any further, there is free WiFi. Thank you. Now proceed.

Situated a few kilometers from the heart of Kampala the gallant Nanjing hotel stances. It is not as fancy on the outside. And you would definitely wonder why the fuss anyway. But alas, the inside is where the ultimate muse lies. First off is the TVs mounted in the elevators. Somewhat new in the pearl. We found it fascinating though. What a starter!

The reception at the entrance was the warmest we have ever received. We found a lady. In her early twenties definitely.  Standing at the entrance. She flashed a Duchene smile. As if, she had been waiting for us and here we are finally! Or on the other hand, each one of us thought she knew us from somewhere (something we giggled about later). But don’t blame us, we are not accustomed to such welcomes, this is Uganda duh! But that is Nanjing for you. Making you feel at home from the time you set foot on this magnificent structure.

She then asked us where we wanted to sit and we stated our intentions. From here, she took us all through the five floors. Each encompassing different unique and sophisticated eye-catching artifacts. Most seemed foreign thou. Chinese In particular. From this, we couldn’t help but ask our lovely guide,

“What’s with the Chinese artifacts and décor?”

“The hotel was established for Chinese in precisely in the beginning. To give visiting Chinese china feel while in Kampala. But to our amusement, the local population embraced it even more! We actually host more Ugandans than any other race!” She chuckled.

Owing to the fact that the Ugandan citizenry love glitz, we understand why they have found a craze in hosting their functions here. Apart from the stunningly designed interior. They provide music and PA systems all at pocket-friendly prices! A screaming contrast to the way the place is fashioned. Against the stereotypes of prices being strutted according to the way a place looks. For Nanjing it’s different. Elegance served at a pleasant price. Yet the facilities are something far from the gibberish paraded by the hotelier fraternity in this century.

The hotel also has a restaurant, Spa, Uptown Club/bar(KTV), accommodation with uttermost privacy and an eye-catching VIP area. Where you can host your important guests and they feel more important themselves. The facility boasts of space that can hold up to 1000 guests! They also serve any culinary delight from all over the world. What more can one ask for from a hotel really? From me, it was case closed! Nanjing is definitely a force to reckon with in Uganda’s hotelier business. See for yourself here.

The vip dining area

The spa






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