Let Oodiez Pimp Your Special Day

Oodiez investments is that entity you’ll trust with all your events as a bride. It’s a four in one company but still within the fashion circles; Designing, Styling, Tailoring and Bridal consultation. 
Just two years in business but with eye-catching results. Oodiez is not defined as a personal business but a whole entity that will respond to all the bridal needs one would wish for on her big day. 
You have seen beautiful female Muslim brides with unique gowns and customized veils. It is the Oodiez magic. Mikolo had a talk with Oodiez staff and the talk was strictly business. It was defining the entity and not the specific people that do the magic. 

About their Boutiques 
For the two, years Oodiez has been in business, they have invested into fashion, they have shops at Garden City mall under the name JK boutiques. They target the female customers in the middle and first class. Both boutiques have women stuff; bags, gowns, shoes hijab, perfumes, dresses both party and office. 
When hired, they dress a bride from dress, shoe, undies, perfume to jewelry. It’s a thing for the ladies. 

Oodiez  nahmita is the Tailoring label that the entity launched last year at the hijab and Kanzu event. Their products are custom made and not imported. “We tailor gowns, gomesi, hijab and the head pieces we use. Its always something new for everyone unless when a customer asks for something specific that they must have seen a specific bride use but usually, it is unique for each customer” one of the staff says.

The ladies who want class and elegance on their functions, here is what Oodiez will offer. "When a client approaches us, we make sure we are part of that function from the very first day. Of it means attending their meetings to make decisions as business partners, we do attend the meetings. 
In most cases, we sit with our clients and decide on the kind of clothes that will suit them on their special day so we design according to her choices. 
For the Moslem clients, we look at the clothes she has chosen and we customize her kind of veils. We tailor all our customers’ veils and it’s is us to style our brides" shares one of the Oodiez staff. 

Bridal consultation. 
Save for hands-on services by Oodiez, the entity also has professionals you can choose to have a perfect introduction or wedding. 
“We usually have customers who come in with their kind of fashions and they are usually outdated so we can help share with them the trendy fashion and before you know it, they love it” Oodiez says. 
They also help customers outsource products. They claim that there are customers who cant handle their kind of prices so they help them find good products at cheaper prices.

Make up 
Oodiez professionals also makeup but they believe there are professionals so they partnered with four professional makeup artists whom they move with when hired. 
“We advise our clients on which make up artiste will do magic on them depending on one’s skin color. We work with Shilat, Zyper, Peter Rasso and Iman make up so we choose for you accordingly” Oodiez staff shared. 

As a new company, the staff claims that it has not been easy positioning themselves in a competitive business like fashion. 
“The fashion business needs one who is ready and willing to put themselves out there. Oodiez as an entity had not worked on its publicity and its still lagging us behind. However, we are on social media and offer unique services that our kind of customers and the output have marketed us their way” they share. 
Oodiez stylists have also been challenged by their own students. “We train designers, tailors, and stylists and before you know it, they have established themselves as a brand and have become your competitors. This calls for more creativity to maintain our kind of output” they say. 

Sustaining a clothing line in Uganda is very hard and it’s one of Oodiez' challenges. Ugandan customers still need lessons to learn about locally made products, some of them prefer imported clothes according to the Designers at Oodiez. 

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