Abryans Style And Fashion Awards To Award Fashion Contributors

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Bryan Ahumuza a renowned Uganda fashion designer is the big name behind these awards. He started as a young boy on the streets and gained fame into fashion that he has now had a household name for his fashion. He holds fashion awards dubbed the ASFAs. The ASFAs (Abryans Style and Fashion Awards) are held yearly. They have gone from Ugandan, crossed borders to East Africa and now in Africa as the whole continent.

Ahumuza classified this year’s awards in 4 classes (Honorary, fashion, contributors and public influencers) but with 17 categories. In this year’s awards, Mikolo has picked interest in the contributors.

How they are nominated

Mikolo attempts to reach Ahumuza Bryan were futile but he shared a write-up of the specifics. It is indicated that Nominees of these awards were chosen by both the public and a panel of professional fashion influencers. Voting is on and it’s by the public to choose who contributes better where and when. The winners are to be awarded at the event scheduled for early next month.

Categories To Be Awarded

Makeup Artiste Of The Year Both Uganda And Continental

With the magic that makeup has caused the fashion and style scene, these people are worth awarding and the ASFAs haven’t forsaken them. A number of those celebrated makeup artists have been listed as nominees. From the Ugandan list are Deryk Saycarmatte, Fayth Presh, Imani Makeup, Nahya Shero and the famous Mona faces. Whoever emerges a winner is to scoop an award in this category.

The competition has crossed borders and Makeup artists like Nancy Blaq of Ghana, Angola’s NYW Makeup, Kenya’s Kangai Mwiti, Ania Brows of Nigeria and South Africa’s Marco Louis are also competing for a grand prize across the continent.

Makeup artist of the year (Uganda)

Mona Faces

Nahya Shero

Imani Makeup Uganda, Currently leading with 419 votes

Deryk Saycarmatte

Fayth Presh Uganda, Currently Has 289 votes


Fashion Photographer Of The Year

You have seen and appreciated photography and here is the chance to award those who are considered the best. The whole list costs of only Ugandans and it has Mohsen Taha, Daville, Fred Bugembe, Oneal Mujjumbura and Oscar Ntege.

Fashion photographer of the year (Uganda)

Mohsen Taha Uganda. Currently leading by 481 votes

Daville Uganda, Second Runners Up by 333 votes

Fred Bugembe of Feddy Photography

Oscar Ntege Uganda, Third position with 243 votes


Hair Stylist Of The Year

No one moves out of the house with untidy hair and makes it to the list of Fashionistas. Styling hair calls for professionalism and experience and the ASFAs have nominated all those known Ugandan hair stylists and it’s upon the people to choose who they think makes the best one. On the Ugandan list is Freddie, Nambusi Maureen, Ziwa of Hair by Ziwa and Grace Warren.

When it comes to Africa as a whole, its South Africa and Kenya to compete in this category, S A has Ncumisa Mimi Duma and Saadique Ryklief while Kenya fronts Saul Juma and Corine Muthoni.


Stylist Of The Year

There are trends that have come and caught everyone’s eye but behind those trends are stylists that at times don’t get a chance to be mentioned, Abryans is awarding these too. On the Ugandan list is Tinah Brad, Mavo Kampala, Abas Kaijuka and Tazibone Solomon. He who impresses the fans is to walk away with a prize.

Stylist of the year (Uganda)

Tinah Brad Uganda 243 votes


Mavo KampalaUganda 195 votes


Abbas Kaijuka Uganda 113 votes


Tazibone Solomon Uganda -137 votes


Fashion Blogger Or Writer

Mikolo would be lined up here and yes, we are heading there soon. But before we are headlined, here are those Ugandan bloggers whose work everyone has read and appreciated, those that already made it on the Abryanz list; Shalom Nicolette, Satisfaction UG, Gloria Haguma, Samson Baranga, Lamic Kirabo, Amarachi Grace.

Fashion blogging is the thing and it’s here and there, both locally and continental. On the African list is; Ghana Fashion Marketing, Joy Kendi and Ono Bello.

Fashion Blogger Or Writer of the year (Uganda)

Shalom Nicolette Uganda 275 votes

Gloria HagumaUganda 51 votes


Samson BarangaUganda 30 votes


Lamic KiraboUganda 131 votes


Amarachi Grace Uganda 189 votes

And more check more details here and vote for your favourite fashion models

Fashion Designer of the Year (Uganda)


Joe Malaika Uganda 54 votes


Sham Tyra Uganda 63 votes

Anita Beryl Uganda 114 votes

Fatuma Asha Uganda 150 votes

Ras Kasozi Uganda 163 votes




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