When All That Glittered Was Gold! George weds Alice.

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Getting  married, it’s like going to heaven in a horse and carriage. An institution so divine. Ordained by the creator himself.  Isn’t it wonderful! On this delightful day George and Alice walked into the great institution. Amidst  friends and family who came to bear witness to this deific union they said ‘I Do’ at  Watoto downtown church.

In terms of dressing this team nailed it just fine. George looked dapper  in his navy blue tux but of course like any other wedding the sport light was on the bride and her squad.  Alice dawned a snow white ball room gown with an embroiled top finish while her entourage graced  flawless deep blue  and gold patterned gowns.

Congratulations George and Alice May this bond last forever and ever!




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