Inspirational: A Look At Some Of SUKI’s Exquisite Tailored Outfits

We recently put it before the ladies about what the first thing is that they look at when a man approaches them. And guess what. Besides the height, shoes, a belt or watch, most ladies did admit that the very first thing they set their sights on is a man’s dress code.

Well, I can tell you for a fact that the case isn’t any different when it comes to men looking at ladies. Besides, a woman nails, one of the first things guys look at when they see a nice woman from a distance is her dress code. The way you’re addressed is often what either attracts someone towards you or repels them off. People will often judge your style, taste and personality by the way you’re dresses. Yes, it’s that much a big deal.

Now when it comes to specials occasions like parties and weddings, the bar of judgement is even further raised. More often than not, a couple’s outfits is by far one of the biggest talking points of the wedding—right from the brides’ gown, the grooms’ suit and the their entire entourage. And before we know it, it’s the changing outfits. People are always looking out for that uniqueness, the X-factor and the class in the way you’re dressed.

The same applies to other parties like birthdays, bridal showers and other big events. We all know what the red carpet is about. Most people think that it’s much easier to walk into a boutique and find a nice attire for their special day but guess, when you look at some of SUKI’s tailored outfits, you will change your mind.

All ladies like to put on something that accentuates their persona and brings out their feminine beauty. Style is a pretty major aspect for most weddings. In fact, we consider it a crime to under-look your outfits. Although already made outfits can be nice, some are even fairly looking good but nothing looks or feels better than a nice custom attire.

Albeit they may not come cheap, tailored attires are something that speaks to your individuality. Have a look for yourself from some of these that were designed by SUKI The Out Fit Destination

It's such a perfectly fitting dress

Omari & Solome

Even for the little ones




Real Weddings

Salma Sandra's Nikka via mikolo