From The Streets To The Altar, Rahman Marries Shakirah

Approaching this beautiful couple, the bride was all smiling through the interview. She laughed loud when she learned she was talking to a reporter and she referred her love story to a fairytale. They call each other “baby” and it is something whoever talks to them has to bear with. 

Abdul-Rahman Lubega and Shakira Nabaseruka walked down the aisle mid this year after five years of dating. The event was colorful, the decoration was beautiful and the whole day seemed lit.

Their Meeting 
Shakira asked to narrate first, “I was in my first year at IUIU female campus, I found my friend Leila on phone, she was talking to her male friend and so she asked me to say hi to him. On the phone was my Rahman. He asked for my number. We communicated occasionally “ she recalls.

Rahman interrupted her with a joke of how her university was strict on visitors. “Baby, remember I couldn’t visit you then so the phone is all we had,” he said.

When holiday came, the two continued to talk. They later agreed to a meet. “I was in town and called her, she said she was also in town so we agreed to meet. We didn’t have a specific place so I told her to find me around Pioneer mall. She said she was in a red dress, the girl I saw in a red dress was more beautiful than I expected. I set my eyes on my wife the very first time I saw Shakira” he shares with love.

They added that they met constantly and their relationship was smooth until Rahman got a job in South Africa. “I hated the whole idea from the word Go, I was just starting to get used to him. He was leaving, I felt hurt but he convinced me, it was for the both of us. In my mind, I thought I had lost him” she recalled.

Rahman stayed in South Africa for 3 years. Shakira says that she waited. Communication kept the relationship strong but they always had misunderstandings.  In December 2015, a guy called me to meet him at the Kampala Boulevard, I refused. He said he would wait, I went and to my surprise, it was my Rahman. I screamed and everyone on the streets looked at me. I hugged him and we’ve never been apart since then” she narrates.


The Proposal 
This couple is fond of doing things on the streets, the proposal was also on the streets. However, it wasn’t Kampala road as usual.
“One of my brothers’ in-law came from London and when he landed here, he said he was going to Mombasa.  He left with my Rahman and his girlfriend. I just pushed them to the bus station for my boss wouldn’t let me to go with them. At the station, Rahman bought me a ticket and asked me to join them over the weekend. The bus stopped in Nairobi and that’s where I was to meet them. While there, he proposed to me on Nairobi streets and I said Yes. I love screaming, I became the center of attraction in a foreign country. We stayed there for the weekend” she recalls.

Shakira recalls how she was afraid of sharing her good news with her parents. Her mother bought the idea but her father first hesitated for she had just left school. He later accepted and the date was set.


The D-day 
“I chose the date. Baby said that she wanted it so badly that she wasn’t sure of when so she accepted my date” he says.
The couple said that they had their Kukyala first and then the big introduction.

“Preparations were not easy but I didn’t panic as much as I did in the last three days to my introduction. The night before, I felt weak, happy and confused at the same time. I couldn’t stop looking at my clothes and shoes. I was taught to relax, I tried but I still can’t explain it” Shakira jokes sarcastically.

Rahman, on the other hand, was also in a panic. He says all family elders wanted to talk to him before he went to his wife’s home.
With a big smile, Rahman confessed that it is still the best day in his life.

“We drove to Kawanda to their home. I wasn’t settled until we entered the gate and sat. I loved everything from the decoration. I don’t remember everything because all I was praying for was seeing my Baby. I kept texting her and at times she could take long to respond. We were invited to the house and that’s when we tied the knot with the help of religious leaders. Trust me I wasn’t concentrated, something was missing. I hadn’t  seen my Baby” he says as he looks into her eyes.

The two laughed loudly at each other as they reminisced about the day. They said it would be better explained in pictures.
“I almost rushed to hug my baby when she first made it out. She was extremely beautiful and happy. I am the luckiest man on earth” Rahman says holding Shakira’s hand.


The interview was filled with love, they actually forgot they were in front of a reporter and kept giving each other eye contact. Shakira, however, couldn’t keep her honeymoon surprise to herself.

“I always tested him and talked about honeymoon during our preparations and I hated the fact that he never responded to any of my ideas. However, on the very day of our introduction, he asked me to prepare for a trip. I was excited and I had packed because I knew I was leaving home.

Guess what, my husband had planned a trip to South Africa. God knows how he planned it so fast but I knew he had worked there. My honeymoon is another story that you should come for some other time” she joked.
This love story goes on and the couple is not afraid to share. Their introduction pictures by the Plus media studios speak volumes.

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