6 Questions You Need To Ask Your Videographer

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Videography is one of those things that couples often pay less attension to when planning a wedding, not until their own video is out that it crosses their mind to either criticize or appreciate the out put. For most, it's all about finding a good photographer, not knowing that not all good photographers are also good videographers. That's why you should ask your videographer these six important questions.  

Are you available on my wedding day?

All other discussions will be hinged on this question. What packages do you offer? How much is the deposit and when is the remaining balance due? Leave a small amount to be paid after the wedding so your videographer is motivated to produce your DVD.

How many cameras and shooters will you be filming with during the ceremony and reception?

In order to capture different moments and angles at your wedding, you will need to have more than one videographer. Find out how many cameras and consequently how many videographers will be shooting at your wedding.

What about transport, do you have your own or will I need to arrange for that?

The videographer will need to be at the bride’s home in the morning, the ceremony, the photo session venue and the reception. So they need a way to get around. 

Can I watch some clips of previous weddings you have filmed?

Check the quality of the videos as well as the style. If you like what you see, then that’s your guy.

How do you plan to tell the story of my wedding day? What will the timeline be like?

Most videographers use either documentary, cinematic or a mix of both to shoot weddings. Cinematic style increases the emotional impact through the use of different shots, slow motion, music, and other elements to tell a story and add emphasis or drama. Documentary filming focuses on simply capturing the day as it happened and requires very little editing. With little to no dramatic camera angles, music added or special effects added it captures the day moment by moment. You could also go for a mix of both cinematic and documentary at various points of the wedding. Also, remember to share your program for the day with your videographer as well as pick up points and times, in case you are arranging his transport.



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