Dark Chocolate Turns Bitter As Anne Kansiime And Hubby Part Ways

What was for long termed as Dark chocolate seems to have turned bitter somewhere along the way as comedian Anne Kansiime confirms that she and her hubby Gerald Ojok have finally part ways.

“Ojok and I are not together anymore,” Anne Kansiime noted during a question and answer Facebook session on her page (Kansiime Anne / Entertainer) in which she was asked by a fan if she and her hubby are still together.

“Reasons why are we are not, are not for anyone else to know but the two of us,” concluded her response, hence confirming rumours and speculation that had for a while been making rounds on social media.

This puts an end to a five-year-old marriage between the two now ex-lovers.

During the same chat, the girl from Mparo bashed a fan who accused her of taking a God-less path by choosing to divorce Ojok. “For I hate divorce,” says the Lord, the God of Israel in Malachi 2:16.

“How sure are you there was God in the union in the first place my ninja!? Let’s all respectfully stay in our lane my brother,” Kansiime responded before further breaking the hearts of her ardent fans when she said she won’t be uploading any more pictures of her and her ex-husband.

“Oh you will be fine maziima. Cos you might not see any more pics of us in the future.”

Despite declining to reveal the cause for their separation, reports do suggest that Ojok was being put under constant pressure by his relatives to produce children. It’s been five years down the road since their wedding in 2013 but unfortunately, the couple didn’t have any child.



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