Photos: Henry And Peruth Dance Their Way Into Marriage

By Robert K James

“Thoughts of blooming flowers sustain me through the cold winter months. Truly, a thing of beauty is a joy forever,” said John Keats in his poem Endymion. Likewise, a glimpse at photo moments from Henry Kimuli and Peruth Nankunda’s wedding is a joy forever, it’s a thing of beauty.

Ever looked at a couple and they make you want to get married? Like ‘Asap.’ If you haven’t, then we gladly present to you Henry and Peruth. Peruth was stuff that wedding dreams are made of. Many brides-to-be will admire her.

These two bore the perfect description of the emotion love. They rewrote their own version of the Romeo and Juliet tale. Looking at them steal stares at each other could tell how they have waited for this moment and couldn’t wait any longer to be together forever. Their instants of mirth and glee were so infectious that they spread the mood on to every soul that came to witness the union. The belle was accompanied by a bevy of beauties. On the other hand, grooms-to-be will kill for Henry’s sense of fashion.

Peruth intimated to us in a message that our mobile app was of great help to them when they were planning their wedding.

“Your app was of great help…thanks,” she noted in a message to our inbox. The Mikolo mobile app helps you find service providers and vendors, plan your wedding online, access wedding ideas and inspiring real life events.

Saturday, 19th August 2017 is the day Henry walked his first and last, one and only Peruth down the aisle in front of a number of witnesses at St. Stephens Church of Uganda, Kisugu.

The two lovebirds later hosted their guests at Moonland Gardens in Nsambya where they treated them to relieving entertainment, a deluxe meal and soft drinks. Oh, the way they danced! It was truly a merry shindig. Congratulations to you Henry and Peruth. May your marriage be filled with this kind of happiness forever!

‘Big ups’ to our friends at Events-Guru-Photography for beautifully capturing these magnificent moments! See for yourself here;

Henry weds Peruth Henry weds Peruth Henry weds Peruth Henry weds Peruth Henry weds Peruth Henry weds Peruth



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