Photos: Aidah Introduces Fiancee In Totally Colorful Ceremony!

If you are a girl, a born and bread African girl. You ought to know how special this day is. That day you take the ‘muko’(in-law) to your family. From an occasion that was only bound to family in the days of yore, but now the whole shindig has evolved. An introduction ceremony today without flamboyance and pomp ought to lose its implication.

Aida understood the concept and event tightened the strings it a notch higher. Owing to the fact that she is from the Islamic faith she wore a veil. Not just any veil but an artistically styled fail. The beautiful and artistic veil aside, her makeup artist deserved a high five. Her makeup was on point! And so were the outfits she kept changing in to.

We really can’t end this post without applauding Watson photography for paying attention to even the slightest of detail. Striking. See for yourself here;




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Salma Sandra's Nikka via mikolo