Planning For A Beach Wedding? 5 Things You Should Have In Mind

Timing is everything

The shore regions of Uganda most especially around Lake Victoria are often prone to rains during the better part of the year, although they can get quite hot on another turn. So if you are planning on having your wedding ceremony smack in the middle of the afternoon, your guests might have to withstand the uncomfortable heat or rains depending on the time of the year. You could instead begin the ceremony late in the afternoon and then a romantic evening reception.

Dress appropriately

You might have been dreaming of wearing a tulle mermaid gown but with the possibility of heat at your beach wedding, a lighter fabric would probably be more appropriate. Go for a fabric such as chiffon with a strapless, halter or sleeveless design. This would not be the time to go for the elegant long sleeved lace design. Not with the knowledge of such hot and humid weather.

On the other hand, if it’s during the rainy season, they you might want to wear something thick and heavy like a Cinderella gown as it can be windy and cold as time goes by. When it comes to your shoes, leave behind your wedges and heels and instead wear some simple light shoes, sandals or go barefoot. The last thing you want is to have to trudge through the sand as you make your way down the aisle.

Can they hear you?

You are looking forward to the sound of crashing waves and strong winds often blowing in the background as you say ‘I do’. But if the waves are too loud your guests might not hear a word you say. So, plan to have adequate sound at your wedding to ensure that your guests can hear you clearly as you say your heartfelt vows.

Beach inspired food

What will you be serving at your beach wedding? Treat your guests to food that is not only scrumptious but food that is also inspired by the beach and wedding theme. Ask your caterer or your lake side hotel where you’re holding the wedding to take you through the different menus and choose what will suit your guests. Don’t wait to be surprised for you may be disappointed.

Figure out photography

As you look for a wedding photographer check to see whether they have photographed any beach weddings and assess their work. There are certain things that your photographer will need to take into consideration such as the lighting and various backdrops. Also ensure that you make use of the gorgeous background the beach has to offer from the lake to the pristine sandy beaches and rugged cliffs, if there any.



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