5 Types of Wedding Tents You Need to Know About

There is a wide selection of wedding tents available today. The wedding tent you choose depends on the number of guests you are going to have and your wedding style among other factors. Some wedding venues provide their own tents. If they don’t, you’ll have to start shopping for a unique and affordable tent.

When making such an important decision, it’s good to know the type of wedding tents available in the market. Here are 5 of the most common wedding tents.

Pole Tent

• They are cheaper
• Easy to assemble
• Tent is supported by ropes and tie-downs
• Requires a large space for set up
• Tent is supported by interior poles which can get in the way

Frame Tents

• Provide a simple and elegant shelter
• Don’t require tie downs or ropes to keep it stable
• The tent is supported by a metal frame
• No interior poles so there’s more open space for dancing and dining
• It is best used when there’s limited space
• Must be installed professionally

Clear Span Tents

• No center pole
• Tent is supported by an aluminum frame
• Most ideal for large events since they can spread over 160 feet wide
• Most clear span tents are weather resistant
• They are very rare and can be pretty costly
• Must be set up by professionals

Tension Tents

• Supported by tie downs around the perimeter
• They are very high creating more interior space
• Perfect for high end weddings

Canopy or Marquee tents

• Perfect for a small intimate wedding
• Easy to assemble
• Inexpensive
• The sides are open which makes canopies perfect when the weather is good

Choose the right tent based on the venue, number of guests and your wedding budget. In case you feel stuck, here are a number of wedding vendors who can offer you wedding tents in Uganda.



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