Together At Last! Charles Weds Daphine

Charles Weds Daphine

So many things are easy to hide, but the glow of genuine love shines so bright and surpasses all. You do not have to ask or have to be told that a particular duo is in love and happy, it’s as evident as the noon daylight. This kind of glee strongly illuminated on Charles and Daphne’s faces on this special day.

For their photo shoot, they opted for gardens which gave the photos life! Then we were struck by the way the couple paid attention to the fashion detail. They portrayed urban trends and at the same time added a pinch of vintage to brew. Okay, let’s start with Daphne’s dress! She downed a white half dress with silver sprinkles on the burst area and the knees just before the mermaid rosy detail at the bottom. She looked like royalty. And her smile all through was just the perfect deal breaker! Then the maids, those girls were stunning! Their custom-made dresses were the real deal .they all fitted in so perfectly ( A reason you should consider tailor-made dresses).On the flip side, the way Charles played around with the different shades of blue and dash of maroon was amazing.

The photography magic was done by PhotoArtistik feel free to contact them here.

Well from the mikolo team, we would like to wish you Charles and Daphne a bliss filled marriage and many children. Congratulations.




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